Burn Permit

Obtaining a Burn Permit                

Please read the city's Open Burn Policy First!            
  • Burn permits for agricultural or residential areas can be obtained by utilizing the Burn Permit Form or by calling the Central Fire Station at 479-621-1179, during normal business hours. Alternatively, burn permits can also be obtained by calling the City of Rogers Dispatch Center at 479-636-1234.

Burn Bans

Burn bans can be issued by the county judge or fire marshal. It is a good idea to make sure there are not additional burn bans from any of these agencies before submitting the Burn Permit Form. Submitting this request does not exempt you from any active burn bands from other agencies.

Wind Speed Warning

You are responsible for checking wind speeds before burning. Wind speeds must be under 10 miles per hour. Violations are punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.
Wind Speeds