City Volunteers

Why Volunteer?                                                                                                     Volunteer Spotlight · Fall 2019

The City of Rogers welcomes volunteers to assist with departmental tasks and special projects.  Volunteers keep the community strong by sharing their time, talents and resources to care for other citizens and the city.  Several departments have special and/or ongoing needs for individual and group volunteers.

Where Can I Volunteer?

  1. Adult Wellness Center
  2. Rogers Animal Services
  3. Rogers Historical Museum
  4. Rogers Parks & Recreation
  5. Rogers Public Library
  6. Rogers Recycling Center

Make a real difference with your gift of time by volunteering with us and experience our active adults as we redefine aging! Want more information? Click on the picture


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What is Required of City Volunteers?

City volunteers are model citizens who willingly take on responsibility to complete tasks according to specific departmental direction and the following standards:

  • Complete a volunteer application.
  • Provide adequate leadership and supervision for volunteer groups especially for those under the age of 18.
  • Comply with work safety practices at all times.
  • Be present and punctual for scheduled tasks.
  • Use respectful speech and professional conduct with other volunteers, citizens and city staff.
  • Wear modest and appropriate clothing for the scheduled task.

Do You Have a Group?

We love when clubs, businesses and churches meet big needs in the community through their organization. If you need multiple volunteer liability waivers you can download them here.

Do You Have Other Questions?

To learn more about our volunteer opportunities and how you can get involved, contact Peter Masonis.