Junior Lifeguard

Registration Form and Course Syllabus

Registration for the 2020 Jr Lifeguard Class is under way!  Only 20 students can be accepted.

Class Description

The Rogers Aquatics Center has created a Jr. Guard volunteer group to assist the lifeguard staff during the summers. 

How this course will benefit your child:

  • Builds leadership skills
  • Addresses the importance of effective communication
  • Introduces conflict resolution strategies
  • Provides empowerment training through emergency response skills and preparation

How volunteering as a Junior Guard at the Rogers Aquatics Center will benefit your child:

  • Opportunity to improve swimming skills and endurance
  • Gain "lifeguard" experience by shadowing certified guards on duty
  • Practice how to effectively communicate with co-workers and guest of the park
  • Participate in lifeguard in-service trainings
  • Practice surveillance and emergency response skills
  • Jr. Guards who are on the waterpark roster get in free tot he park anytime!
  • Young teens will have a safe, fun and challenging place to be during those long summer days


A multi-day course including CPR/AED and First Aid training for ages 11-14


See course syllabus inside the packet for detailed information (at top of page)


Tuesdays - Rogers Aquatics Center. Address: 1707 S 26th St (Off New Hope Road)
Most Saturdays - Rogers Adult Wellness Center. Address: 2001 W Persimmon (Off N Dixieland)
See course packet for prerequisites and course training daily schedule (at top of page)

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