Working Conditions & Benefits

The Rogers Fire Department offers exceptional and diverse career opportunities for men and women seeking professional and personal satisfaction. The department is committed to being an established authority in risk-related disciplines both locally and nationally. Rogers seeks forward-thinking, fast-paced, and disciplined individuals interested in making a difference in the community and the industry as a whole.


Candidates must have a strong interest in both fire and EMS disciplines. All firefighters with the Rogers Fire Department are expected to be ready to work with an ambulance or ladder / engine company at any time. Firefighters must be able to meet yearly minimum company standards that challenge the firefighter's physical and mental abilities.


Read about some of the benefits that Rogers firefighters enjoy below:

  • All stations include:
    • Individual private rooms for each firefighter
    • Cable TV
    • Internet - wireless internet connectivity
    • Gyms and dedicated workout time
    • Fully equipped kitchen
    • Laundry facilities
  • Ambulances respond to emergency 911 calls only
  • Continuing education for Fire / EMS CEUs that are provided by Rogers and done on-duty
  • Excellent salary benefits package with incentives for special teams, paramedics, and ambulance assignment.
  • Firefighters work a schedule of 48 hours on-duty followed by 96 hours off (10 days a month)
  • Paramedic program that is paid for by the city.